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 How Much Does Tyre Repair Cost in Dubai?

How Much Does Tyre Repair Cost in Dubai?


Dubai’s scorching sun and adventurous desert landscapes can wreak havoc on your car tyres. Whether you encounter a rogue nail or a sneaky sidewall scrape, a visit to tyres shop in Dubai is inevitable. But before you panic about the bill, let’s explore the world of tyre repairs in Dubai and understand what affects the cost.

Understanding Tyre Damage: Patch vs. Replace

The first step is figuring out if your tyre can be repaired or needs a complete replacement. Here’s a breakdown:

Simple Punctures

A nail or screw puncture on the tyre tread (the grooved surface area) is usually repairable at a tyres shop in Dubai. This is the most common scenario and the most economical fix.

Large Tears or Bulges

 If the sidewall (the vertical part of the tyre) is damaged or there’s a large tear or bulge in the tread, replacing the tyre is the safest option. Repairs on these areas compromise the tyre’s integrity and can lead to blowouts.

Age and Tread Depth

Even repairable punctures might not be recommended if the tyre is nearing the end of its lifespan (around 6 years) or the tread depth is below the legal limit (1.6 mm).

The Tyre Repair Price in Dubai Breakdown

Now, let’s delve into the cost factors for tyre repairs in Dubai:

Repair Type

There are two main repair methods

1. Plug Repair

This is a quicker and cheaper option (starting around AED 50) for small punctures on the tread. A plug is inserted into the hole from the inside to seal the leak.

2. Patch Repair

This is considered a more permanent fix (around AED 75 and above) and involves patching the hole from the inside after removing the tyre from the rim. This method is preferred for larger punctures or those closer to the sidewall.

Service Type

Do you want the repair done at a workshop or do you need a mobile tyres shop in Dubai to come to your location? Mobile tyre repair services typically charge a call-out fee (around AED 30-50) on top of the repair cost.

Tyre Size

Larger tyres for SUVs or luxury cars generally cost more to repair due to the increased material and labour involved.

Additional Tyre Repair Costs to Consider in Dubai

There might be some additional charges to factor in:

Valve Replacement

If the valve stem (the part where you inflate the tyre) is damaged during the repair, it might need to be replaced (around AED 10-20).


After a repair, it’s crucial to get your tyres balanced at a car service in Dubai to ensure smooth driving and prevent uneven wear. Balancing typically costs around AED 20-30 per tyre.

Finding the Best Tyre Shop in Dubai for Tyre Repairs

With the knowledge of repair types and cost factors, you’re empowered to make informed decisions. Here are some tips for getting the best value:

Call Around

Get quotes from different workshops and mobile tyre repair services, including Drift Tyres, a reputable option located on Baghdad Street in Al Qusais 2 (you can find their contact details online). Prices can vary depending on location, service type, and brand reputation.

Ask About Inclusive Costs

Ensure the quoted price includes the repair itself, any necessary materials like patches or plugs, and balancing if applicable. Transparency in pricing is key when choosing a car service in Dubai.

Read Online Reviews

Customer reviews can shed light on the quality of service, expertise of technicians, and transparency in pricing offered by different repair shops, including Drift Tyres and other service providers in Dubai. This can help you identify the best tyre shop in Dubai.

Remember, Prevention is Key!

While repairs are inevitable, here are some ways to extend the life of your tyres and minimise repair costs during your car service in Dubai:

Regular Tyre Inspections

Visually inspect your tyres for cuts, bulges, or embedded objects at least once a month.

Proper Tyre Inflation

Maintain the recommended tyre pressure as specified in your car’s manual. Underinflated tyres are more prone to punctures and wear faster.

Watch Your Speed

Avoid hitting potholes or curbs at high speeds, as these can cause internal damage to the tyre.


By understanding the factors that influence tyre repair costs in Dubai, you can approach repairs with confidence. Remember, a little knowledge goes a long way in saving you from unexpected expenses and keeping your car rolling smoothly on Dubai’s vibrant roads. So, stay informed, choose the right repair option at the best tyre shop in Dubai, and drive safely!

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