Wheel Care

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Wheels and tyres require special care since they are the most mistreated portion of your car and must be cleaned and protected from environmental pollutants. Dressing your tyres to keep them looking new is important for extending the life of the rubber, and we have a number of finishes available, from shining to matte. Appropriate wheel protection helps you maintain the wheel successfully by allowing you to easily wipe away brake dust and other stains that might otherwise be difficult to remove on an unprotected wheel. Proper car fitment in Dubai ensures the durability of the wheels, a smooth and safe driving, and significant fuel savings.

The greater division of our colored and machined tyres is always protected with a protective clear layer, which adds to the wheel's gloss and surface security. The outside of the wheel must be maintained on a regular basis to keep it in good condition. Each type of custom wheel finish has its own set of support requirements. When you're on the road, ensure sure your wheels are in good shape. Our forte is wheel maintenance. What gives us an edge in this extremely specialized industry is not just our expertise, but also the type of service we provide. Our clients choose us because of the high-quality and convenient services we provide. As a result, every tyre that enters into our Dubai tyre shop is worried. So every tyre that comes into one of our Dubai tyre shops is examined and carefully checked, and it leaves knowing that it has received the best possible servicing.