Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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Our professionals can assist you if you require professional TPMS services. We can not only repair your TPMS sensor, but we can also test your tyre pressure monitoring system in advance of a MOT to ensure it is completely working.

TPMS, or tyre pressure monitoring systems, is a method of continuously checking your vehicle's tyre pressure every few seconds. This is accomplished by installing tyre sensors in the tyres, which may then send a warning signal to the driver if the pressure changes dangerously. The tyre sensor valves are sophisticated pieces of equipment that must be replaced every 5 years to guarantee optimal operation.

So, what are the advantages of having a TPMS installed in your vehicle?

Quickly alerts you to pressure changes
Improves safety
Reduces chance of a blow-out
Reduces chance of accident relating to low pressure
Maximises tyre life
Improves fuel efficiency

Correct tyre pressure will also increase tyre performance, helping to improve your car's fuel efficiency and, as a result, lowering the pollutants it creates.

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