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We provide free, no-obligation exhaust safety checks at every Mr Tyre location. Exhaust systems are essential for eliminating gases from the engine, as well as lowering noise and repurposing unspent gasoline; the better your exhaust system operates, the better your car performs.

Repairing Exhaust Systems With our exhaust repair service, keeping your exhaust in good shape is simple. Any faults or failing parts may be swiftly identified by our expert mechanics, and a solution can be found fast.

Your exhaust system is inspected in the following areas:

Exhaust manifold
Exhaust pipe
Catalytic converter
Tail pipe

Our top goal is keeping you and your car safe on the road, so you can count on honest advice from our experts at all times. If any flaws are discovered, we will advise you on the best course of action, and if you agree, we will fix it swiftly and professionally at a reasonable cost.


We've developed our name on offering honest, helpful assistance alongside fairly priced products, which is why we're one of best tyre dealer & repair shop premier independent garages. You're likely to find a Drift Tyres specialist near you. If your automobile is suffering exhaust troubles, schedule an appointment immediately, regardless of the make or model.