Car Battery Replacement Services

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The electrical operations of your automobile, including starting the engine, are dependent on the automotive battery. We have automobile batteries for a variety of cars at Drift Tyres shop. We offer a big selection of car batteries in various sizes and reserve capacities in store. When it comes to analyzing and meeting your needs, our team is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Our professionals can consult your owner's handbook to choose the best battery for your vehicle's battery repair needs.


Drift Tyres is familiar with your automobiles. We offer the appropriate batteries for your everyday road wheels to your off-the-beaten-path weekend wheels to keep you rolling between errands or on the long ride ahead. We've been on a mission to provide the best possible service to our consumers.

With Confidence, Replace the Battery

Every time you need a battery, we'll get you the exact one you need. Drift Tyres provides quick battery testing and installation. Your vehicle's battery is an important component. It turns on your vehicle's secondary electrical systems, such as the lights, GPS, navigation, monitoring sensors, stereo systems, remote key lock, remote unlock, glass vipers, power seats, power windows, and other electrical items.

What Is Included in Battery Service?

We have the tools and equipment at Drift Tyres shop to execute a variety of battery services. One important service is to keep the battery box free of oxidation, which may deplete the battery's power and shorten its lifespan if left untreated. A general inspection enables us to identify any loose or disconnected parts, such as cables, clamps, and terminals, as well as any wear that may limit performance.

Running diagnostics, checking the battery's quality, and supplying a replacement are all additional battery services. For all cars, we utilize top-tier foreign batteries if your battery has to be replaced.

Testing of Batteries

Is your battery draining quickly? Are you planning a road trip? Our crew will test your battery if you come in. We'll charge your battery for you if it's running low. Is it nearing the end of its life? Let's change it. All of your battery servicing needs will be met by us.

Services for Battery Installation

With experienced expertise and world-class imported batteries, you may get free manufacturer's standard battery installation on your automobiles. Factors posing a threat to the battery's survival.

As their duty is fulfilled, batteries eventually lose capacity as they age. Breakdown occurs as a result of the steady charge and discharge. Components deteriorate with time, electrical shorts develop, and vibration causes damage; all of these factors combine to create damage. All of this finally leads to failure. Overcharging and undercharging a battery will have an impact on its behavior and lifespan.

Tips on how to look after your car's battery

• Clean and remove corrosion as necessary, and apply anti-corrosive protection on a regular basis.
• Regularly tighten loose hold-down clamps and connections.
• Check the battery's condition on a regular basis.
• Check the tension and wear of the alternator belt on a regular basis.