Timing Belt Repairs and Cambelt Replacement

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Drift Tyres has been delivering quality auto servicing. As an independent company, we only provide the greatest items at the best pricing. Our professionals are capable of performing a broad range of maintenance, including replacing and inspecting one of your engine's most important components: the cambelt.

Cambelts, also known as timing belts, are rubber belts that govern your vehicle's engine. The manufacturer specifies a cambelt change period for each vehicle, which is determined by miles and time in service. The possibility of a replacement cambelt grows with the age of the car, since they can crack and fracture with time. It is best to replace a cambelt before it fails entirely rather than paying for repairs afterwards.

Another typical problem to be aware of is a strained cambelt. The engine timing will be delayed as a result, resulting in a loss of power and a rattling noise when the automobile is idle.

Some automobiles, on the other hand, feature timing chains, which most manufacturers estimate will last the life of the vehicle.

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