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Anyone should understand the significance of properly functioning brakes: they ensure that your car can slow down and stop in an emergency. Drift Tyres is committed to your safety, which is why we provide brakes for a variety of cars as well as free brake safety inspections.

Brakes are a critical component of operating a car and are an important aspect in road safety. At any time when traveling at high speeds, you may come into contact with an unknown thing. Faulty brakes are said to be one of the leading causes of accidents in Dubai and other cities across the world. It all comes down to the driver's response time and the effectiveness of the brakes when it comes to surviving a collision. Another important component in this scenario is braking distance, which is determined by the state of the braking system and the quality of the tyre tread. As a result of the foregoing facts, it is clear that brakes, and indirectly the suspension system, are what make the difference between a collision and survival. Such an unintentional collision might result in significant damage or even death to the passengers.

We provide the following brake components as part of our brake component line:

Cylinders with master cylinders

Wheel cylinders and calipers

Shoes and brake pads

Brakes that don't lock up

Brakes on the hands

With Drift Tyres' modern brakes and suspension services, you can be totally comfortable that you and your loved ones are secure and comfortable inside your car, and that your brakes are in good working order. Our expert technical staff helps you in maintaining your brakes in good working order at all times. We provide timely braking system inspections and adjustments, as well as quality goods and services, to help you drive safely.

It is essential that you get all parts of your braking system tested on a regular basis, especially before a lengthy journey, to ensure that they are constantly performing at their best. We're delighted to examine your brakes and give suggestions for fluid replacements, cable lubrication, and installed brakes, all while providing you with honest, helpful advice and fairly priced supplies. Whether you know you need new brakes or the ABS indicator on your dashboard is flashing, contact our staff right away. You may schedule an appointment at your convenience.